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Getting Fit By Scott Spraggins, WAC Personal Trainer Time to move Finding motivation on the road and at the office l u k e r u ta n i n the lives of many business professionals, exercise routines take a back seat to long days and longer meetings. Finding time to focus on diet and exercise often seems impossible. Whether you desire a change in lifestyle or want to assure your workout program remains consistent, here are some tips that'll help you get on course and stay there. First, make the decision to work out. Start by packing your workout clothes. Whether you're leaving the house for another day in downtown Seattle or a cross-continent business junket, having your gear ready to go is step numero uno. When you're staying local, develop a routine for when you come to the Club and how you work out. Find a favorite group exercise class and make it an anchor in your weekly calendar. No matter what, make that class every week. When you're traveling, take advantage of the Club's reciprocal network. Many of the clubs have fantastic workout areas you won't want to miss. They also can offer insights into the best local jogging routes or other ways to get active and enjoy the sights. If going outside isn't your cup of tea then set aside 20–30 minutes for an in-room comprehensive body activation circuit. In short, get a little sweaty and do some stretching. Here's a four-step routine to get you started. Try to complete five to 10 rounds in less than 30 minutes. • 20 sit-ups • 15 push-ups • 12 reverse lunge steps (six per leg) • 10 squat to standing extensions Another great trick for establishing an active lifestyle is to start your day with a workout. Get your daily exercise out of the way before other commitments pile up. Arrive at the office feeling clear-headed and mentally centered because you've already taken care of the most important thing—your own health and well-being. Think of your body as a machine: You can help the body burn more fuel and naturally regulate your hormone levels through movement. Physical activity Focus on your form when it comes to speedy workouts on the road. Properly executed sit-ups are quick, easy and effective. also helps create stronger cells, increases energy, and betters your sleep cycles. Move whenever you get the chance. Rather than snack during your breaks, explore the neighborhood. Got an extra 10 minutes? Take a walk around the block. Got an extra 30? Break out that gear you packed and make those minutes count. Fitting in fitness isn't always easy. But losing the excuses can change your life. —Contact WAC Personal Trainer Scott Spraggins at sspraggins@wac.net. JUNE / JULY 2013 | Washington Athletic Club Magazine | 25

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