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February 2013

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"The nonprofit world is a great place to have a career. It's a wonderful mission that you're involved in." —Jon Fine J amie Van Horne was living in Madrid and studying international relations. "I was surrounded by amazing colleagues and friends," she recalls. "Almost all of them had left corporate jobs to learn more about non-governmental organizations and nonprofits." The experience cemented her path, one she had felt called to take since her childhood days growing up in a small town among vineyards and immigrant workers in Northern California's wine country. "I was taught from a young age to appreciate things like friends, nature, competition, After a long and interesting ride on the Delhi metro, I was escorted through some of the slums on the northern edge of town. Our destination was a public girls school receiving support from Pratham, one of our partner organizations. At this school, Pratham runs a program that provides supplementary reading and writing class. I took this picture while the girls were doing their daily reading in Hindi. and hard work," she says. "And to respect all people for who they are." The lessons stuck, especially the last one. Jamie, a WAC member since 2011, followed her calling to respect others—and to assist those less fortunate. At SeeYourImpact, a small nonprofit in Pioneer Square, Jamie helps the organization's partners utilize technology to acquire donors online. SeeYourImpact is a fundraising platform that enables nonprofits to share stories about the lives they change. As director of partnerships at SeeYourImpact, Jamie is one of three WAC members we're featuring in the nonprofit arena this month. Beth Wojick, President & CEO of Special Olympics Washington, and Jon Fine, President & CEO of United Way of King County, are also making huge impacts in our community and beyond. "The nonprofit world is a great place to have a career," Jon says. "It's a wonwon derful mission that you're involved in." Adds Beth: "You have the ability to impact the community in ways that others don't. It's incredibly fulfilling." For Jamie, an early experience serving Thanksgiving dinner at a senior center with her family opened her eyes to the power of giving. "People sometimes make a big deal about those of us who 'sacrifice' to work in the nonprofit world," she says. "Sure, salaries aren't always as high and the work is never-ending, but from my perspective we are the lucky ones." That feeling stems from interacting and working with what Jamie calls "inspired, generous and talented people" every day. "People who are making a difference in this world." It also comes from exposure to mind-opening experiences and individuals. Late last year, Jamie spent two weeks meeting with some of SeeYourImpact's While I was in India I had the privilege of visiting the Taj Mahal. The white marble structure is truly breathtaking. At first glance, it's hard to believe it's real. This photo was taken outside of the Taj Mahal near one of the many tourist attractions that surround this world wonder. partner organizations in India. While there, she visited a small class located in Asia's largest slum. When she entered the tiny room, nearly two dozen children looked up at her and smiled with wide eyes. Lack of nutrition, clothing and safety will eventually drive many of the students away from school. SeeYourImpact is helping keep them in the classroom. "I'm so fortunate and have learned so much from these kinds of interactions," Jamie says. She's also increased her network through her membership at the WAC, where she plays on the Club's women's basketball team. "The WAC has given me a home base in Seattle where I feel healthy and happy," Jamie says. "It's given me a place to be active and competitive, and it's given me a great network. I've met people at the WAC that are now involved in some way or another in my work. I only see this becoming more and more common." SpEciAl AthlEtES Beth Wojick was also inspired to help others at an early age. In college at the University of Colorado, she coached FEBRUARY 2013 | Washington Athletic Club Magazine | 27

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