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JUNE / JULY 2015 | Washington Athletic Club Magazine | 61 a review of diet and health history followed by suggestions for nutritional changes and interventions that will help you reach your goals. Dietary analysis, food plans, and customized supplement programs are implemented as needed. Information and registration: 206.839.4782, shopkins@wac.net Fit Life Fit Life incorporates scientifically based, individualized exercise prescription, metabolic testing, education, and nutrition counseling in a safe, non-intimidating, fully supervised results-oriented program maximizing health and well-being. The program meets twice a week for eight weeks. (Times vary from session to session.) Participants are assigned to small groups (two to three people) according to their fitness compatibility. This allows a great deal of individual attention. Your fitness level, general health, exercise preferences, and any injuries will be considered. The packaged program includes: • Resting metabolic rate testing • Two metabolic exercise tests • Eight-week zone training program • Aerobic activities (stationary bike, elliptical training, power walking, etc.) • Strength training (free-weights, resistance circuit equipment, etc.) • Stretching and balance work • Nutritional guidance (classes and solo) • Testing at beginning and end of the program to chart physiological benefits • Fitness Advantage access for program duration $1,100 ($1,800 value); information and registration: 206.464.4639, tamelat@wac.net; sessions start monthly Why Weight? This eight-week weight-management program incorporates testing procedures, one-on-one consultation with the nutritionist, one-on-one exercise coaching, and group nutrition classes to help you achieve the results you want. The program begins with assessment procedures to determine your starting point. You will undergo body fat testing with a professional-grade analyzer to determine your pounds of fat, pounds of lean tissue, and percentage of body fat. You also will undergo metabolic testing to determine how many calories your body burns at rest and during exercise. Testing your metabolism gives you an exact idea of where your calories need to be set in your diet for safe but steady fat loss. The metabolic exercise test gives you an eight-week cardio-zone training program to improve cardiovascular fitness and target fat burning. Then, meet weekly with your exercise coach for one-on-one resistance-training instruction and with the nutritionist for your group nutrition class. At the end of the program, your body fat is retested to show results. The program includes: body fat analysis (three tests total, at weeks one, four and eight); resting metabolic rate test; metabolic exercise test; eight-week zone training exercise program; personalized one-on-one nutrition consultation; one-on-one resistance training with your coach; access to fitness areas; and group nxutrition classes. $1,450; information and registration: 206.839.4782 or shopkins@wac.net FEATURED SERVICES Active Isolated Stretching Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) provides effective, dynamic, facilitated stretching of major muscle groups. More important, AIS provides functional and physiological restoration of superficial and deep fascia planes. Using a two-second stretch has proven to be the key in avoiding reflexive contraction of the antagonistic muscle. Without activating muscle-group contraction, restoration of full range of motion and flexibility can be achieved successfully. Tuesdays & Wednesdays: $70/hour, $40/30 minutes; information and appointments: 206.839.4780, wellness@wac.net; by appointment only Intro pack special: $189 for three sessions Acupuncture The National Institutes of Health recognizes acupuncture as effective in treating more than 40 conditions. Back pain, neck pain, sciatica, migraines, asthma, and colitis are a few commonly treated illnesses. Treatments reduce pain and increase the circulation of qi to create optimal health, and they build and restore the body. Acupuncture is great for reducing stress and regaining a sense of balance and tranquility. See facial rejuventaion and fire cupping, below, for additional details. Tuesdays: 8–11 am; initial $125/60 minutes, follow-up $95/45 minutes; information and appointments: 206.839.4780, wellness@wac. net; one full business day cancellation required to avoid charge; cash or check only Acupuncture Facial Rejuvenation This specialized service promotes collagen production and reduces wrinkles and stress in the face. A gentle, soothing facial massage follows the treatment. $130 for 60-minute session Acupuncture Fire Cupping Cupping promotes the circulation of qi, blood, and interstitial fluids in your tissues and is a powerful method to pull out toxins from your body. $50 per 30-minute session Athlete's Performance Package The Athlete's Performance Package is designed for amateur athletes looking to fine-tune their nutrition and cardiovascular exercise program to fully optimize training and performance. The package includes: metabolic exercise test, resting metabolic rate test, body fat analysis, and nutritional evaluation and consultation. The tests will determine your daily caloric needs, your pounds of lean tissue and fat, and more. The nutritional evaluation will deliver specific information to help you improve your eating and training. You'll also discover your oxygen consumption, carbon dioxide production, and heart rate during varying exercise intensities; and you'll learn the heart rates at which you burn the most fat and calories. At the end of testing you'll receive a personalized zone training program. $566, by appointment only; information and registration: 206.839.4782, shopkins@wac.net; one full business day cancellation required to avoid charge Injury Screening Do you have a persistent ache or pain? Have you recently injured yourself? Are you wondering whether you should see a health WELLNESS PROGRAMS 4th Floor Wellness Center • 206.839.4780 • wac.net/wellness-center

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