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4 | Washington Athletic Club Magazine | MAY / JUNE 2016 BOARD OF GOVERNORS 2015–2016 Tammy Young, Chairman tammy.young@alaskaair.com Paul Ravetta, Chairman Elect paul_ravetta@yahoo.com Robert Rupp, Vice Chairman brupp@lucidadvisorsinc.com Grace Chien, Treasurer grace.chien01@gmail.com Rose Mitchell, Secretary rose_bowl_@yahoo.com Kip Spencer, Immediate Past Chairman kips@comcast.net RESIDENT Phil Abbess Verne Benedict Gregg Blodgett Dave Carlson Lynn Dissinger Julie Glade Roberta Goodnow R. Danner Graves Jason Hamilton John Hoverson Shawn McWashington John Myer Lisa Noji Rick Page Gil Picciotto John Platt Ron Robin Doug Seto Chris Sheeks Bettina Stix Brad Thoreson Liz Wilson Thomas A. Wolfe Roger Young NON-RESIDENT BOARD OF GOVERNORS, 2013–16 Forrest Aldrich, NW Washington Tom Anderson, E Washington William Bump, California William Burg, Montana Arthur C. Campbell, NE Washington Peter Carpenter, California Peter Goldsmith, Oregon Jeff Hogan, Central Washington Thomas F. Kenney, NW Washington Robin Sahnow, Alaska Richard L. Small, SE Washington PROGRAM BOARD 2015–2016 Ron Robin, Chair Maria Finlayson, Vice Chair Vanessa Volkman, Secretary Courtney Meyer, Immediate Past Chair Caroline Burke Annie Grus Sue Henson Ray Marik Nanette Nelson Anne Schulz Margery Thorgrimson Karl Uri Greg Van Gaver Laura Wigren James Williams Letter from the Chairman Tammy Young, Chairman of the Board of Governors / tammy.young@alaskaair.com Y ou've heard it said that Seattle is a "big small town." It's true. But with rapid development occurring across the Puget Sound area, the emphasis is on big! Because of that, I place more value than ever on our tight-knit community at the Washington Athletic Club. In the course of my 20-plus years at the Club, I've made more friends than I can count. In this issue of WAC Magazine, we feature some of your and my friends— WAC members and team members. I'll share a few highlights here. Several years ago I came across Kristi Rennebohm-Franz during a lap break in Helene Madison Pool. Certain we hadn't met before, I started a conversation. Her accent immediately caught my attention. We quickly discovered our shared Wisconsin heritage and became fast friends. Kristi is a regular at the Club, and as you'll learn starting on page 26, she's also an important voice in the Seattle community. I'm happy you'll meet her here and hope you get a chance to meet her in person, as well. One of the WAC's team member superstars, Receiving Clerk Eder Cobaxin, was recently named the 2015 Team Member of the Year. Eder's 350 fellow team members vote on the award and bestowed him the honor. Eder's positive attitude, thirst for learning, and passion for his work make him a true standout. Although he operates primarily behind the scenes, Eder joined us at the March meeting of the Board of Governors. His humility and appreciation for the Club and his co-workers really stood out. Read more about Eder on page 8. Over the years, we've searched for the "stickiness" that causes members to stay and thrive at the WAC. We've learned that members who make connections—to classes, events, other members, or team members—get the most out of their membership. They benefit from all the WAC has to offer and the friendships they form at the Club. What's your WAC connection? Consider whether you're taking advantage of all the Club offers. Check out the events, classes and offerings featured in this magazine. Make a commitment to attend something new. Chances are your next friend or connection is looking forward to meeting you, too. Club connections

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