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November/December 2012

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BOARD OF GOVERNORS 2012–2013 Jeffrey Atkin, Chairman atkin@kkra.com Marilyn Boss, Chairman Elect marilyn.l.boss@marsh.com Phil Abbess, Vice Chairman pabbess@cliftonlarsonallen.com Kip Spencer, Treasurer kips@comcast.net Beth Wojick, Secretary bwojick@sowa.org Robert Fleming, Immediate Past Chairman rfleming@clarknuber.com RESIDENT Krista Andrews John Buller Carese Busby Steve Camp Peter Carpenter Lynn Dissinger Roberta Goodnow Christine Kelly Michael McQuaid John Myer Pam Nord Tina Pappas Jessica Pearlman Paul Ravetta Bob Rupp Norm Seabrooks Doug Seto Brad Thoreson Thomas Turnure Joseph Velling Amy Vithayathil-Sydow Bart Wilson Tammy Young NON-RESIDENT BOARD OF GOVERNORS 2010–2013 Forrest Aldrich, NW Washington Tom Anderson, E Washington William Bump, California William Burg, Montana Arthur C. Campbell, NE Washington Peter Goldsmith, Oregon Jeff Hogan, Central Washington Thomas F. Kenney, NW Washington Robin Sahnow, Alaska Richard L. Small, SE Washington PROGRAM BOARD 2012–2013 Pam Nord, Chair Frank Yon, Vice Chair Courtney Meyer, Secretary Dean Nielsen, Immediate Past Chair Nicole Ancich Chris Barone Tara Binge Angelica Buri Brad Cahill Dean Fasnacht Laurie Flynn Ann Lockhart Jeff Lounsberry Vicki O'Briant Thomas Osmon Errol Scott Letter from the Chairman Jeff Atkin, Chairman of the Board of Governors / atkin@kkra.com Celebrating the past, anticipating the future W opportunity to celebrate the past year and look ahead to the next year with optimism. It's a festive event that brings people together to dine, gamble and socialize. The Club itself also gets "dressed up," transforming into an elegant venue befitting this black-tie evening. Almost as remarkable is the fact that come very early the next morning the WAC is converted back to the look we are accustomed to the remainder of the year. Many other wonderful traditions remain in place at the WAC, and some have ith Jubilee coming up at the end of November this year, I'm reminded that this event remains one of our Club's longest-standing traditions. It has withstood the test of time because it gives members and their guests an gone by the wayside for different reasons. Likewise, certain aspects of the Club have changed as we have transitioned how we approach our business. Many of us still remember the bowling alleys that were once part of our athletic department. There were regular leagues in place, and members could rent lanes for leisure play. Although we have retained many of the sports that have been a big part of our past, what we offer under the broad term of "fitness" has evolved tremendously. Our athletic depart- ment, under the outstanding leadership of Vice President Wayne Milner, works hard to ensure that our programs and equipment remain state-of-the-art. When I joined the WAC in 1974, the restaurant had a large round table where an individual dining alone could join other diners and socialize during their meal. I would often go over for lunch during my early years as a member and sit at this table. Eventually, this table disappeared. In contrast to the long-gone bowling alleys, how- ever, the underlying thought behind this communal table is coming back. Today, we often use the word conviviality to refer to this approach to pleasant social interaction. The remodel of our lobby, slated to begin this coming January, will result in more seating and small meeting areas, as compared to our current configuration. The remodel represents an effort to further position our Club as a meeting place, be it casual or more formal. Other ways of attaining conviviality are being explored by management today. The evolution of our Club has been interesting for me to observe during my 38 years of membership. Given the health and vitality of the WAC today, I can comfort- ably state that we have evolved quite successfully. What is more intriguing, though, is how we go about ensuring we are as relevant to our members in the future as we have been in our past. There will be more opportunities for each of you to provide your input to help us along this road. As you see surveys about the WAC come your way, please participate. When you have an opportunity to attend events or serve on a committee—where input is always part of the agenda—please join in. After all, this is our Club. 4 | Washington Athletic Club Magazine | NOVEMBER / DECEMBER 2012

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