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A look back at the Club’s fiscal year 32 WAC Magazine | wac.net 20 20 Looking back OCTOBER The WAC wins its 10th consecutive 5 Star Platinum Club of America award. WAC Magazine celebrates the 35th anniversary of its first-ever issue, on October 1, 1985. Well, that was quite a ride! This look at a WAC year that was like no other—a 12-month period fully immersed in pandemic- related impacts to the Club and our community—recaps a fiscal year that required the Club and its members to adapt, shift, create, and ultimately persevere and accomplish many great things. Normally, this annual look-back produces nostalgia as we recall the many great times of the previous 12 months. It's hard to be sentimental about 2020–2021. What is produced instead is a great sense of pride—pride in the membership for supporting the Club, pride in our loyal team members for their resilience and commitment to serving the members, and pride in our collective WAC community for wholeheartedly being all- in and purposefully taking care of each other. We recovered, restarted, and reimagined. We reinforced our commitment to a healthy and safe Clubhouse, and virtually every area of the WAC was in operation and providing high- quality and unique experiences. We added opportunities for member value outside of the Clubhouse, with frequent virtual and hybrid events, take-home menus, and reinvented traditions. A highlight for me—our virtual black-tie Jubilee/WAC 90th birthday celebration! With the pandemic nearing its end, we are now welcoming hundreds of members and guests back into our historic and beautiful Clubhouse every day. We are humbled by this powerful WAC spirit as stewards and fans of this wonderful institution help push forward and build a Club that will serve the Seattle community for decades to come, all while having fun along the way! Please enjoy this annual look-back. What a year it was! on 2020–2021 Introduction by Chuck Nelson, President & CEO

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