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22 | Washington Athletic Club Magazine | JUNE / JULY 2014 W e've all been there before. A late meeting or ill-timed traffic jam has you running late for your tee time. You arrive safely but have only a few min- utes to warm up before you hit the course. When this happens, you put yourself at risk of injury and, perhaps worse, poor scoring. Many mishaps on the course come as a result of moving from the car to the tee box too quickly. Our bodies must warm up to perform at their best. e next time you have only a few minutes to get ready to play, try these five easy ways to prepare quickly and efficiently. Getting Fit By Alex Dunlop, WAC Golf Pro 1 STRETCH (three minutes): Time is short, and dynamic stretching— which involves active motions that gradually increase in speed and range—can help. Do some arm circles (forward and backward), leg swings, and knee lifts. These will increase your range of motion and also your core temperature. A well-rounded stretch is much more beneficial than rushing through hitting golf balls. 2 GET IN SOME SWINGS (three minutes): Grab two long irons, hold them together, and make golf swings for three minutes straight. 3 HIT THE PUTTING GREEN (five minutes): Figuring out the speed of the greens is essential to scoring well. Use the ladder drill to help you get the speed down. Set four balls in a row with two paces between each. This should give you practice putts of about 6, 12, 18 and 24 feet. Start with the 6-footer and move back. Repeat twice. If you still have time, find the farthest hole away from where you are and hit four putts at it. 4 HIT A COUPLE OF CHIPS (three minutes): Use those same four balls from your long putts to practice a few chip shots. Practice the short awkward chips around the green, not the standard 15-yarders. This will help you with your tempo and touch, vital to a successful round. 5 BREATHE AND VISUALIZE: Take your final couple of minutes to picture yourself on the course. You're about to play golf, and it sure beats whatever you were doing 30 minutes earlier. If you feel your heart beating fast on the first tee, reduce your swing speed to 80 percent. It will help you stay in control. Quick way to warm up In golf, preparation is key, even when you're late Reach WAC Golf Pro Alex Dunlop at 206.225.4526 or alex@alexdunlopgolf.com. L U K E R U TA N

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