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Personal training changed these members’ lives. What will it do for you? As a veteran fitness professional, I believe in the power of personal training for everybody—and every body! If you want to build stamina, improve sport performance, or simply look better in (and out) of your clothes, the solution can be found with personal training. The WAC is a club that lives and breathes athletics, and our personal trainers are a mainstay in many of our members' lives for very good reasons. WAC personal trainers offer real help in facing challenges and reaching goals—and not having to do it alone. They know about special needs, such as joint replace- ments, chronic disease, and sport-specific training. And they add accountability, provide clarity, and build confidence. I often talk with members who have discovered the many benefits of personal training. Here are three of my favorite success stories. I hope they inspire you to harness the power of a WAC personal trainer. What are your goals? For so many people, stepping into personal training for the first time feels like a giant leap filled with uncertainty. Common questions include: • Can I achieve my goals in a reasonable amount of time? Yes, with proper goal-setting and guidance. • Am I too out of shape to start? Never. • What if I injure myself? It's always possible, but a trainer can actually help you avoid injury. WAC personal trainers can help you start with a routine built around your personal goals. Do you want to climb a mountain, get ready for a big summer vacation, overcome ongoing movement patterns, stave off aging, build a beach body? Our trainers have a wide breadth of expertise, and our team can pair you with the right train- er to meet your goals and personality. To get started, visit wac.net/training-team or email me at mfellez@wac.net. Personal training changed these members' lives. What will it do for you? By Maureen Fellez, Director of Fitness & Wellness Jenn Repp Photography —Reach WAC Director of Fitness & Wellness Maureen Fellez (née Eggers) at mfellez@wac.net. A N I TA N O W A C K A SUCCESS STORIES

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